Which topics move our customers now and in the future?
In this category you get interesting insights into current trends, best practices of the sectors and inspiration for your upcoming projects.

The good from the hood

The slogan of the ‘me and all hotels’ shows what the group wants to offer: good things from the neighboorhood. Lindner Hotels AG have already launched two hotels under this second brand name and have plans for six more.

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The Miele customer service department is truly regional

En route to the next job by cargo bike

Riding along the dike with the wind at your back sounds idyllic. But lousy weather and squalls are the other side of the story. Getting about on the East Frisian islands is not all sunshine and roses. Nevertheless, service technician Hendrik Harms still thinks that he has got one of the best jobs in the world.

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Strong roots – Hotel Belvedere in Locarno

The Belvedere Locarno towers high above the popular holiday resort of Lake Maggiore. The four-star superior hotel has been a constant part of the Ticino landscape for 128 years and attracts many regular guests to the south of Switzerland. The hotel's close links to the locality and deliberate cultivation of local strengths are the key to its success.

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This is where I want to grow old, isn’t it?

Our home is one of the main anchor points in life. During the week, we spend half the day there on average and at the weekend significantly longer. Our home is our “castle”, as the saying goes, but what happens if we are forced to vacate it in old age?

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Some sensible ways of clearing your head

Take a breather

Around 10 % of Germans regularly suffer from disturbed sleep. Nursing staff are particularly affected by the problem, which creates a huge strain. By ensuring deliberate breaks, power naps and good time management, you can achieve a huge amount, not only for your employees but also for your own benefit.

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“The main thing employees want is to be personally effective.”

Effective work organisation

Motivating people, fostering their development and “taking them with you” (which is such a neat little phrase, isn’t it?) is a daily challenge for managers. According to Professor Niclas Schaper from Paderborn University employees can be helped to more easily master the increasing complexity of workplace demands by taking a look at how work is organised and structured.

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V8 Hotel in Cologne

Getting the hearts of car fans everywhere racing

The V8 Hotel in Cologne has 112 rooms based around the theme of mobility. But this hotel isn't just for car enthusiasts. City explorers and history buffs will love it too – find out more on page

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Why specialistion brings success

Generation dynamics and search habits

Travellers like to keep their cards close to their chest. Despite this, studies and industry reports are hot on their trail and provide information that can help keep track of their habits and preferences. Take a look at our overview to discover which current trends can be transformed into specialisations and which groups can be targeted particularly effectively.

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Wild Kitchen Project

BBQ rub instead of juniper berries, sustainable meat instead of sanitised joints, passion instead of indifference. Wild Kitchen Project has built a community of barbecue teams, outdoor chefs and hunters to promote game as an alternative to industrially produced meat and a holistic approach to meat consumption. The community project started with recipes and has now created a range of cookbooks, videos and courses. With their focus on all things “wild” and their modern approach, they have not only discovered a promising niche, they are also successfully building on it.

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Textile hospitality

The demands in the hotel and catering industry are changing – including when it comes to bed and table linen. Ingo Bittmann, Head of Sales at Wäschekrone, on individual solutions and the (still) unparalleled properties of natural materials.

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Experimentation working towards tomorrow's hotels

The Fraunhof innovation network FutureHotel has its sights firmly set on the future of the accommodation industry: Which technologies are likely to be relevant to the sector in future? Which facilities will a hotel need in ten years' time to guarantee the satisfaction of guests? Using a variety of methods, the multi-disciplinary team provides answers to these questions and researches intensively, for example in the fields of light and wellness.

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Ingenious material!

In pioneering hotels, you will find pioneering materials.

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The correct use of reviews

Reviews by guests are are an important source on which many travellers base their decisions – and easy to enter via the Internet. But restaurateurs and hoteliers are not powerless in the face of user reviews. With a spot of active review management it is even possible to draw benefits.

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Slow, vegan, regional

A new era has begun

The number of vegan restaurants in Germany has risen in recent years. In 2014, there were only around 99 restaurants serving exclusively vegan dishes, compared to 122 the following year – an increase of 23%! It’s no longer enough to offer soybean escalopes or spaghetti bolognese with tofu – non-meat-eaters want their taste buds to tingle with high-quality ingredients and exclusive combinations too.

Photo: (c)Ingo Pertramer

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Imagination rewarded

From prison to designer hotel: The metamorphosis of the Offenburg Liberty

In magazines and blogs and on Instagram – all roads lead to Offenburg's liberty. The hotel located in the former prison in the county seat is still attracting great interest more than a year after its inauguration. The daring decision to open a designer hotel in a former prison turned out well.

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Gastronomy meets art

Herbal cuisine on a pillow of clouds and charred bowls

When a crazy idea meets the zeitgeist, it becomes a magnet. The events staged by the Experimental Gastronomy Initiative are attracting attention with their exceptional concept in which art trumps cuisine - read more.

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Bold steps produce great results

An upbeat atmosphere at the Amonti & Lunaris hotel

It all started with a small guesthouse in the Southern Tyrolean Ahrntal. Today, the Steger family runs a wellness resort comprising two hotels with a spa area covering an area of 5000 m2. Making this change requires a sure instinct regarding what guests want, persistence and the courage of being ahead of one's times – and embarking on daring experiments.

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Temporary trial

Psychologists have known for some time: Only things that are available temporarily – such as pop-up hotels – engender interest. They have risen to popularity as temporary dwellings serving major events and trade shows. Some can only be used for a limited period of time on account of their construction, whereas others are restricted by their leaseholds.

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Analogue vs. Digital

How hotels (can) meet modern demands

Amazon Echo on the bedside table or digital detox holiday ­­– hoteliers are following different trends. Whichever way they choose, one thing is clear: Those who do not deal with the topic of digitalisation will hardly be able to survive on the market in the long run.

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Does the glass define the wine?

An excellent Sauvignon, twenty different wine goblets and a crystal-clear result: Find out how Riedel, an Austrian family-owned company, creates perfect wine glasses for specific grape varieties. And learn how to clean the glasses without manual polishing – by the help of Miele Professional’s reverse osmosis solution.

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What's next

Reservations, shift scheduling, cooking technology – everything becomes digital in gastronomy – at the same time the human touch remains indispensable.Find out more in our interview with Jan-Peter Wulf, journalist and culinary insider.

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How important are satisfied employees?

What is the secret of successful care facilities? Bernd Kleinheyer from the Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences knows: It's all about employee satisfaction. Read the inspiring interview with him about the importance of a holistic approach to communication and the return on prevention.

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Schweizer Hof

Convincing brand: The Schweizerhof in Lenzerheide

Outside the mountains - in the largest Turkish hammam of the Alps. Claudia and Andreas Züllig and their team at Schweizerhof Lenzerheide know how to impress their guests and give them the best possible feel-good factor. In our Best Practice section, we show how Miele Professional supports this vision.

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