Laundry technology

The professional PIB 100 steam ironing system

Makes ironing a pleasure

Laundry care and, in particular, ironing is part of your daily work, but it isn't your core business? To make sure it stays that way and that you can concentrate on your key tasks, Miele can now offer a professional solution in the form of the MIELE PIB 100.

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The new entry into the world of commercial laundry care

The new washing machine and heat-pump dryer from the SmartBiz series represent an efficient solution for applications running up to 3 cycles a day.

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The new Little Giants

A solid foundation for your success

Discover the compact Miele washing machines and tumble dryers for commercial use – and discover innovative technologies for even greater cleaning performance, economy, user convenience and flexibility.

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PRI 318, 418, 421

New flatwork ironers for a superb laundry finish

Discover the new ironers from Miele Professional. With their exclusive and innovative features, top quality and simplicity of use, these ironers ensure a perfect finish to meet the most exacting of requirements.

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Dishwashing technology

New fresh water dishwashers

Now with new convenience features

Time savings, secure and hygienic processes and greater occupational safety are the special benefits offered by fresh water dishwashers: 'Dry+' drying and automatic liquid dispensing.

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All crockery at the pull of a handle

Undercounter tank dishwashers

Discover the new undercounter tank dishwashers with their intuitive full touch display for optimum user convenience and flexibility – combined with top-class efficiency and economy.

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PG 8063 Safety fresh water washer

Perfect reprocessing of air regulators and breathing masks

Each fire incident exposes fire-fighters to numerous potential risks. All the more reason to take good care of personal protective equipment. The machine-based reprocessing of apparatus soiled with contamination and secretion offers key benefits – longside reliability, what counts is the minimisation of kit managers' potential exposure risks. With Miele Professional, the reprocessing of breathing apparatus is both thorough and gentle on materials.

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ProCare Shine

Because no-one understands our dishwashers like we do

Finally! Give your dishwasher what it deserves with ProCare Shine: The new cleaning agents and rinse aids from Miele Professional are perfectly suited to high-quality washing technology – an innovative system that will delight you with its economic use of products and simple controls, not to mention its hygienically sparkling results. See for yourself!

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Dental, laboratory and medical technology

Hygiene measures to prevent the spread of viral infections

In the battle against the spread of viral diseases, special measures, in particular in sensitive areas such as care and nursing homes, hospitals and surgeries, are vital. There, in particular, maintaining the best possible standards of hygiene must be given top priority to afford the highest degree of protection to residents, patients and healthcare workers alike. With your Miele Professional machines, you are on the safe side as these products were specifically designed, built and tested to meet the highest of hygiene requirements.

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Outstanding performance

In the smallest of spaces

Our smallest product rises to new heights, showing what it is capable of. The PWD 8534 countertop washer-disinfector achieves top-class and safe reprocessing results you can rely on.

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Top-class performance on a smaller footprint!

PWD 8531 and PWD 8532 compact thermal disinfectors.

Our smallest products rise to new heights, showing what they are capable of. The new thermal disinfectors PWD 8531 and PWD 8532 achieve top-class and safe reprocessing results you can rely on.

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Cube and Cube X

The new small steam sterilisers for surgeries and clinics

Discover the new Miele small steam sterilisers with their effective sterilisation programmes, short cycles and intuitive navigation using a touch display.
Convince yourself of the simple, safe and efficient sterilisation of medical and dental instruments.

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PLW 86 series lab washer

A new and holistic approach to the reprocessing of laboratory glassware

The new PLW 86 model series sets new standards in terms of performance and user-friendliness. This entirely redesigned washing system boasts considerably better performance compared with the previous model series and, thanks to a variable-speed pump, is able to adjust circulation pressure and water consumption to the load in hand.

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