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Consistent focus on our employees

Miele employs 19,400 people worldwide, 10,830 of whom work in Germany. We offer them a working environment characterised by partnership and appreciation. A relationship of mutual trust has always been an important part of our company's culture. This consistent focus on our employees makes us an attractive employer for applicants. We have a long tradition of high staff retention and low fluctuation.


A tradition of welfare payments

At Miele, it goes without saying that all employees are paid an appropriate income for their work. Salaries and wages are based on collective and corporate agreements and supplemented by a series of welfare payments. Miele was one of the first companies to set up an employee health insurance fund back in 1909. Miele grants special payments that go above and beyond statutory requirements, including benefits for health treatments and dental prostheses. Payments are also made in the event of a birth, marriage, or work anniversary. Since 1929, we have offered a company pension scheme. Our founders gave an assurance to their employees that our voluntary welfare payments would be maintained wherever possible, regardless of the economic situation. This principle has remained unchanged by the following generation. The company is sticking to its remit to be an attractive and sought-after employer, even – and especially – in tough economic times.

Attractive joining incentives and further training options

All areas of Miele rely on skilled professionals – from experienced specialists to promising young talent. We offer diverse entry-level and promotional opportunities. All of our employees benefit from access to a broad range of training and qualification opportunities. Against a backdrop of an aging population, we are increasingly focused on measures which help to facilitate long-term performance and employability.


Diversity enriches our company

At Miele, the principles of equal opportunity and respect apply to all employees – regardless of their nationality, skin colour, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or physical disabilities. Diversity enriches our company and is an important competitive factor. For several years now, the company has striven to further advance women's careers in various projects. To make it possible for employees to maintain a harmonious work-life balance, Miele offers flexible employment models and started work on the construction of an on-site childcare facility in Gütersloh in summer 2016.


Long-term retention of productive efficiency

A healthy workforce is the foundation of long-term success for any company. We want to help promote and sustain the physical and mental health of our employees. A well-thought-out, prevention-based health management system and safe, ergonomically designed workstations play a part in satisfying this requirement. As part of our company health management system, we have constructed gym facilities within our plants and run healthy eating campaigns in our canteens.



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