Miele worldwide

Miele is represented in many countries/regions with its own subsidiaries and importers.

Africa   Importer Egypt   Importer Libya   Importer Mauritius   Importer Nigeria   South Africa America   Importer Antigua   Importer Argentina   Importer Barbados   Brazil   Importer Curaçao   Canada   Chile   Importer Dominican Republic   Importer El Salvador   Importer Guatemala   Mexico   Importer Panama   Importer Peru   Importer Saint-Barthélemy   Importer Saint-Martin/Sint Maarten   Importer Saint Lucia   USA   Importer Venezuela Asia   Importer Armenia   Importer Azerbaijan   China Mainland   Hong Kong, China   India   Importer Indonesia   Importer Iran   Importer Israel   Japan   Importer Jordan   Kazakhstan   Korea   Importer Kuwait   Importer Kyrgyzstan   Importer Lebanon   Malaysia   Importer Maledives   Importer Mongolia   Importer Oman   Importer Panama   Importer Philippines   Importer Qatar   Importer Saudi-Arabia   Singapore   Thailand   Importer Turkmenistan   United Arab Emirates   Importer Vietnam Australia/Oceania   Australia   Importer Tahiti   New Zealand Europe   Austria   Belgium   Bulgaria   Croatia   Czech Republic   Denmark   Estonia   Finland   France   Germany   Importer Georgia   Great Britain   Greece   Hungary   Ireland   Importer Iceland   Italy   Latvia   Lithuania   Luxembourg   Importer Malta   Importer Moldavia   Netherlands   Norway   Poland   Portugal   Romania   Russia   Serbia   Slovakia   Slovenia   Spain   Sweden   Switzerland   Turkey   Ukraine



Sustainable trading in the interest of customers, suppliers, employees, the environment and society is Miele's number one priority.

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