Environmental management

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Responsibility for climate protection

We want to continually reduce our energy consumption and the CO2 emissions generated by our business activities – this is our contribution to climate protection. We believe that the best way to reduce CO2 emissions – from both an environmental and a financial perspective – is to improve energy efficiency. We have implemented a range of measures to optimise energy consumption in our production facilities, and we design buildings and infrastructure for maximum energy efficiency. We promote the use of renewable energies at individual locations.

Improving energy efficiency

In order to produce Miele appliances even more energy efficiently, we are investing in a range of energy-saving measures: From the construction of a new, more efficient data centre and the conversion of all lighting to LED, to the replacement of ventilation systems. We have also renovated a number of our buildings at various locations and improved insulation. In the 2014/15 and 2015/16 business years, we achieved total savings of 3,800 MWh of electricity, 1,000 MWh of heat, 18 MWh of natural gas and 1,200,000 cubic metres of compressed air in total. In 2015, we established an internal network to improve the company-wide exchange of information on the topic of energy efficiency. Experts from all of the countries in which Miele has plants or sales subsidiaries come together in specialist working groups to exchange their experiences.

Promoting alternative energy concepts

We promote alternative energy concepts at a number of different sites: Our plant in Bünde is powered by two combined heat and power plants. The generated heat is used to heat or cool buildings and production plants. Since 2014, our sales subsidiary in the Netherlands has been using pumps to obtain groundwater. The energy contained in this water is removed by a heat pump and can then be used to heat or cool buildings. Our South African sales subsidiary is converting its headquarters in Johannesburg into a green building.



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2019 Sustainability Report




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