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Reducing climate effects

Miele appliances, production materials, and replacement parts are regularly shipped to around one hundred different countries worldwide. We have set ourselves the target of minimising the impact of transportation on the environment and the climate as much as possible. 84% of goods are transported as sea freight, just less than 3% by rail, 12% by road and less than 1% by air (business year 2017/18). Before we transport any goods by air, we critically analyse the situation to ensure that no other more environmentally friendly alternative is available.

Efficient logistics

The task of the logistics department is to ensure the availability of Miele products, and to ensure that customers receive their deliveries on time. Our central logistics base is in Gütersloh. From here, we can bundle our shipments for transport and make optimum use of the transport capacity available to us. As Central Europe continues to be the most important sales market for Miele, the majority of journeys originating in Gütersloh are short-haul. Our international plants deliver their products directly to their destinations as long as the order quantity and delivery frequency is high enough. In 2015, we expanded our central warehouse in Gütersloh and in 2016, we opened a new spare parts warehouse. When constructing the new building, we worked with a nature gardener to design the outdoor area in a way that would allow nature to thrive. We created an ecologically valuable habitat for a wide range of animal and plant species.

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2019 Sustainability Report




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