Holistic approach

Constantly improving sustainability performance

Lower consumption combined with improved performance and the best results

Maximum efficiency for exceptional results

Up to 90 percent of the energy used by domestic appliances is consumed during use. These appliances also use detergents and rinsing aids. The development and production of energy-saving products is one of our top priorities. All of our appliances are optimised to consume only the quantities of energy and water that they actually need, while still delivering the best possible results. We ensure that low consumption does not come at the expense of performance – for example with respect to programme duration and noise levels.

Technological innovations reduce consumption

Over the past 20 years, we have achieved reductions averaging around 50 percent in the energy and water consumption of our appliances. With the latest technological innovations at our disposal, we are reducing consumption even further. 93 percent of the washing machines we sold with an energy label in 2015/16 were categorised in the top class A+++ – just two years before, this figure was 63 percent. In our PowerWash models, we recently boosted efficiency by up to ten percent thanks to our new PowerWash 2.0 technology. These appliances now achieve low consumption values even with small loads. In other product categories, too, we are continually improving the efficiency performance of our products:

  • In our series G 6000 EcoFlex dishwashers, we have further reduced the energy consumption of this already highly efficient appliance by fitting a new EcoTech heat storage device. These dishwashers achieve values up to 20 percent lower than the limit required for the top energy efficiency rating of A+++.
  • The top tumble dryer models in the T1 series achieve an A+++ energy efficiency rating.
  • We have also expanded our range of A+++ refrigerators and freezers with the addition of the new freestanding K 20.000 series. Furthermore, we are currently developing products that achieve values up to 20 percent lower than the limit for the most stringent energy efficiency rating of A+++.


Gentle processes lengthen service life

For us, using valuable resources efficiently is about more than saving water and energy. It also means being gentle on the dishes and clothes that you wash in our appliances – so that they last longer and require less frequent replacement. The shorter programme durations in our washing machines extend the life of textiles. The same principle applies to dishwashers: We have developed a wash programme that rinses even the most fragile, high-quality glasses very gently, while providing lasting protection against glass corrosion.


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