Vision for small urban bathrooms

When integrating washing machines and tumble dryers into small bathrooms, functionality and design frequently play a subordinate role. Whereas sanitary installations are taken account of at the planning stage, laundry care on the other hand is often nothing more than an afterthought, by which time supply points for water and electricity have already been installed, dictating the position of appliances. The benefits of paying attention to domestic appliances during the design and construction phase are to be presented by Grohe, Alape and Miele in a joint study at the World Architecture Festival 2018 to be held in Amsterdam in November of this year.

 A high-end, 45 cm deep laundry-care recess from Alape houses a 60 cm Miele appliance. This is possible thanks to a pre-fitted 'Rapid SL' washing machine element from Grohe. This new in-wall unit measuring 60 x 15 x 85 cm contains supply points for hot and cold water, drainage and power – all correctly positioned. The washing machine and tumble dryer later slot into position using guides – regaining the lost 15 cm in depth.

The study shows what is achievable by pooling the expertise of the leaders in specific areas: A holistic solution which for the first time meets architectural requirements. The benefits accrue not only from the aesthetical integration of domestic appliances in a finished product with matching design, materials and surface finishes: Fast installation and simple yet precise installation of appliances and furniture make this concept ideal for construction projects in urban settings. This approach further enhances the high-level water safety of Miele machines through additional and intelligent water sensors and electric shut-off valves located in the feed lines.

The concept of an in-wall unit for washing machines and tumble dryers will be presented for the first time at the World Architecture Festival 2018. Feedback from trade visitors will be an important indicator for all three project partners in deciding whether to pursue their joint study and bring their product to market maturity.