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Germany - Euskirchen factory (Technology Center Drives)

Technology Center Drives (TCD) is the new designation for Miele's plant in Euskirchen, which, founded in 1951, has grown to become the Competence Centre for the development and production of drive systems, fans and pumps for use in Miele finished products. Here, the company designs and manufactures electrical drives for all vacuum cleaners, washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers. This lineup is augmented by cable reels for vacuum cleaners. All this makes Euskirchen, with around 500 employees, an internal supplier to 7 other Miele production plants. With its durable and energy-efficient drive systems, TCD makes an important contribution to Miele's sustainability strategy and helps set Miele appliances apart from those of competitors.


Roitzheimer Straße 110
D-53879 Euskirchen
Postfach 11 67
D-53861 Euskirchen

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