The new DataDiary app, now also for CUBE small sterilisers

On a daily basis, Miele's DataDiary app saves time in the documentation of instrument reprocessing in surgeries. Now, you can also transfer your data from a new CUBE steriliser to your tablet PC via a WiFi network. This practical solution now supports up to nine Miele machines via a surgery WiFi network.

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Easy to use

With DataDiary, Miele Professional is offering an intuitive, app-based method of process documentation. This is a Plug & Play solution – simply register a machine and off you go!

Supports up to 9 different machines simultaneously

DataDiary now supports up to nine washer-disinfectors from the PG 858x/9x series as well as CUBE small sterilisers.

Connection to a surgery network

The DataDiary app communicates with all connected machines via a surgery's existing network. If only a single unit is documented, this is still possible in the usual manner using Access Point mode.

Wireless & safe

Data transmission is wireless between the Miele machine and a tablet PC and encrypted via Wi-Fi (WPA2). The WLAN link is simple to install with an SSID (Service Set Identifier) and a password.

Fast authentification

User authentification is simple using an NFC tag or a user ID and password.


DataDiary App


  • Modern, low-maintenance Plug & Play solutions for washer-disinfectors from the PG 858x/9x series.
  • Secure, wireless data transfer via encrypted WiFi link
  • Reports in PDF format
  • User identification via ID with password or NFC tag
  • Incl. access to app, communication module and 5 NFC chipcards1
Data Diary Cube

DataDiary Cube

  • Modern, low-maintenance Plug & Play solution for CUBE/CUBE X small sterilisers
  • Wireless data transmission via WiFi using a local network
  • Reports in PDF format
  • User identification via ID with password or NFC tag


1A tablet PC is not included in the price/scope of delivery.


  • Includes 5 NFC tags for DataDiary
  • Simple user registration using NFC tag

System requirements

  • Tablet, min. 7", with screen resolution of at least 1280 x 800 Px
  • Operating system: Android™ 6 or iOS® 10 upwards


DataDiary explained in simple terms

Follow Dr. Dent as he uses the DataDiary app for process documentation.

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DataDiary explained in simple terms

The current advertisement and brochures containing detailed information on DataDiary and compatible machines can be downloaded here.