Design lines


Consistent design in glass – timeless – modern

ArtLine - Minimalism at its best

Fully streamlined – handleless – perfectly integrated

The most innovative technology in an exclusive, timeless design - this has always been Miele's goal for product development. Next to PureLine, the Miele ArtLine design series is the latest generation of built-in appliances that precisely follows this guiding principle. The puristic elegance of the completely handleless front is a high-class statement for interior architecture. Discover the first truly handleless kitchen design. 

PureLine - space for the essentials

Horizontal accentuation – high proportion of glass – striking handle

PureLine is understated. It can easily be integrated as a design element into a modern kitchen where the focus is on a minimalist range of materials. The high proportion of glass in the PureLine design creates a calm feeling. Horizontal stainless-steel elements and an eye-catching handle which almost appears to float above the jet black glass are characteristic features of these appliances.

ContourLine - confident and familiar

Classic interpretation – high proportion of stainless steel – functional

ContourLine demonstrates confidence. You can sense the technology behind it - professionalism and a passion for cooking come to the forefront. Familiar elements reinterpreted: the solid handle is part of a solid frame, communicating the high quality of the materials and the intentional structure. Solid and clean lines define the different elements and allow the skillful juxtaposition of materials and functional features.