Washing in the house - 10 unbeatable advantages!

Processing the laundry produced daily on the premises has a number of undeniable advantages - and (almost) nothing speaks against it! Let us convince you in a personal consultation.

10 reasons

That little bit extra: security to feel good. Your advantages with your own laundry.

Whether you have concerns about cost, space or workflow: Our experienced consultants will work with you to develop an individual concept for your in-house laundry so that you can benefit from these advantages, among others:

1. Competitive advantage

With in-house laundry processing you have a clear competitive advantage. Proper hygiene is the be-all and end-all in accommodation in these times and your guests are more sensitive to this topic than probably ever before. An in-house laundry sets you apart from the competition and gives your guests a feeling of security. With our marketing package you can communicate this advantage to your future guests in a target group-oriented way.

Hygienische Reinheit

2. Hygienic purity

Thanks to sophisticated hygiene and disinfection programmes, you can prepare your laundry in accordance with RKI standards. Allergy sufferers and people with other respiratory diseases will also breathe a sigh of relief.


3. Traceability

With an in-house laundry you always know who was in contact with the textiles and when and how. The risk of contamination, such as during transport to or from an external laundry, is reduced to a minimum.


4. Economic efficiency

A long service life, long maintenance intervals, reliability through our fast service and carefully dosed washing programs: Miele Professional appliances pay for themselves in no time and save you money in the long term.


5. Aesthetics

When processing laundry externally, you are often tied to a narrow selection of textiles. Especially houses with a more individual or unusual style benefit aesthetically if they can adapt and brand your laundry to the design concept of the house.


6. Capacity utilisation

Ensure better utilisation of your staff: Thanks to the intuitive operation and the possibility of setting a number of languages, your staff can be trained in the preparation of the laundry without any effort.


7. Independence

Optimum washing cycles without long downtimes, elimination of transport routes, gentle preparation with well-dosed additives: With a Miele Professional in-house laundry, your laundry is available again in no time at all - and always guaranteed to be available again, and in unrivalled quality.


8. Feel-good factor

Silky-soft flat linen, cuddly terry cloth, hygienically clean upholstery and blankets, neat uniforms: With the individual washing programmes, perfectly matched to the different textiles, you ensure that your employees leave the best possible impression and your guests feel completely at ease.

Service Plus

9. Service plus

You too can offer your guests a service that goes even further: with an in-house laundry you can also prepare guest laundry. With the individual washing programmes you can clean everything from fine business shirts to highly functional outdoor clothing - gentle on the fibres, colourfast and incomparably fresh.


10. Environmental awareness

With washing programmes and detergent dispensers optimally adapted to the amount of laundry and degree of soiling, Miele Professional appliances save time, electricity, water and unnecessary waste water. Their long service life also improves the ecological footprint of your business.