PWD 8534

Outstanding performance

In the smallest of spaces

The new PWD 8534 excels in terms of the freedom of installation it offers. Given its compact design, room can be found even in confined spaces on the worktop.

Customer benefits

Greater efficiency for smaller practices

  • As a freestanding countertop version – a solution for every hygiene room
  • Chamber size adapted to suit reprocessing in small surgeries

Convenient operation

  • Direct-access buttons for fast access to programmes
  • 4" colour display
  • Visual monitoring thanks to full-glass door
  • Easy-to-clean glass surface

Greater safety

  • Proven Miele quality benefitting from Miele’s significant experience in application technology
  • Independent systems for the continuous monitoring of process parameters, in particular pressure and temperature
  • Complete process documentation

High quality

  • Integrated water softener for optimum results
  • Triple water filtration for optimum rinse results
  • High-quality stainless steel used in wash cabinet, on spray arms and on filters for long service life

Simple dispensing

  • Automatic and simple dispensing of liquid media via two dispenser pumps
  • The process chemicals are dispensed from integrated chemical reservoirs during the appropriate reprocessing phases

Thorough drying

  • Ideal solution for lumened instruments
  • DryPlus hot air drying with an upstream HEPA H 14 filter (retention rate: 99.995 %) to help preserve the value of the instruments



Versatile in use

We recommend using the new PWD 8534 countertop washer-disinfector in the following applications:

Miele Professional

Medical practices

Miele Professional

Ear, nose and throat

Miele Professional


Miele Professional


Miele Professional


PWD 8534

PWD 8534

  • Countertop unit with 2 integrated chemical supply containers
  • Capacity/cycle: Chamber size is geared to the needs of smaller practices, e.g. 8 lumened instruments and 8 blind stopper together with other load items
  • Compact design and flexible installation as countertop unit
  • 'Touch on Glass' controls with direct-access buttons and 4'' colour display
  • Integrated DryPlus hot-air drying with HEPA H14 filter
  • Two integrated dispenser pumps for liquids
  • Integrated water softener

Ideal interplay

Baskets and inserts for the compact PWD 8534 washer-disinfector.

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