PG 8063 Safety

Protection of health and materials

This systematic solution comprises a fresh water washer with carefully compiled programmes for cleaning and disinfection as well as baskets for positioning and securing masks and air regulators in the chamber.

Customer benefits

Large chamber

The chamber accommodates breathing apparatus on two levels.
Depending on the choice of load baskets, various combinations are
possible, allowing up to 12 air regulators or 6 air regulators and 6
breathing masks as well as sundry small parts to be cleaned and
disinfected in a single cycle.

High-level process security

This fresh water dishwasher is equipped with 3 programmes, perfectly geared to the specific nature of the application. In the interests of the care of high-quality protective equipment, the water temperature and exposure to disinfectant is limited to 60°C and 5 minutes respectively. Any modifications to programme parameters require password authorisation. The use of tested chemicals which are approved by equipment manufacturers also guarantees the gentle treatment and protection of apparatus.

Tried and tested performance parameters

When going about your work, you must be able to rely 100% on your personal protective equipment – and Miele helps you to do just that! For the safe reprocessing of breathing masks and air regulators, Miele offers an ideal dishwasher-based solution which has been tested and approved by independent institutes, e.g. Dekra Testing and Certification GmbH. Similarly, well-known and highly reputable manufacturers such as Dräger recommend the machine-based reprocessing in Miele's system.
Corresponding release documents can be found in the download area of the product.

Basket with compressed air connection

The load basket for air regulators incorporates a compressed air connection which connects to a supply of compressed air used during the reprocessing cycle. This prevents any ingress of water or wash liquor into the valves of the air regulators during reprocessing. An indicator on the basket shows whether pressure was maintained throughout the entire reprocessing cycle.

Colour-coded compartment for small parts

In the baskets, each mask and air regulator has its own small parts compartment which is colour-coded for ease of identification. This ensures that replacement cycles for individual components, e.g. the membranes in breathing masks, can be reliably observed despite the requisite disassembly and reassembly.

Simple, intuitive loading using load-specific baskets

The baskets enable the simple and secure positioning of load items. The focus is on the protection of materials and quality cleaning results. Each air regulator and each breathing mask has its own separate compartment for sundry small parts.

Product overview

PG 8063 Safety

The PG 8063 Safety fresh water washer facilitates the safe reprocessing of air regulators (lung-demand valves) and breathing masks in load-specific cycles. The PG 8063 Safety washer replaces process water after each individual programme stage. This ensures the reliable removal of soil and effectively reduces the risk of cross-contamination. An additional connection for demineralised (DI water) guarantees a residue-free final rinse.

APFD 200 - Basket for air regulators

The APFD 200 accommodates up to 6 air regulators, perfectly positioned for cleaning. Thanks to an air connection and a compressed air indicator, items can be processed under pressure in the PG 8063 Safety washer.

APFD 201 - Basket for breathing masks

The APFD 201 accommodates up to 6 breathing masks, perfectly positioned for cleaning. Individual compartments are available for dismantled mask components. Colour-coding allows individual parts to be clearly assigned to masks.

APFD 202 – Adapter for Interspiro air regulators

The adapter set APFD 202 allows a safe positioning of Interspiro air regulators with oval connectors in the basket APFD 200.

APFD 203 – Basket for carrying frames

In the basket APFD 203 you can place one carrying frame so that it can be comfortably cleaned machine-based.


Dispenser modules for detergent

An optional dispenser can be connected for convenient and economical use of liquid detergents.

Water treatment for spotless results and the preservation of items

The PG 8063 Safety features a separate connection for fully demineralised water for the final rinse. This enables drying without water stains and dispenses with the need for the polishing of visor screens.