New freshwater dishwashers

New fresh water dishwashers

Now with new convenience features

Discover the new fresh water dishwashers with their compelling convenience features guaranteeing safe and hygienic processes.

Product benefits


It takes just an additional 8 minutes to dry items made from plastic. Virtually all load items can be put into storage or used again immediately once the programme has finished. Thanks to 'Dry+' drying which extracts moist hot air from the chamber, replacing it with fresh room air, short cycles and dry crockery need no longer be a contradiction in terms in commercial dishwashing.

Integrated dispenser pump

The integrated dispenser pump facilitates precise and fully automatic dispensing, thereby simplifying daily work. Thanks to this integrated approach, support is provided discreetly and without taking up additional space.

Sparkling results in no time

Are very short programme durations and sparkling results important to you? If so, dishwashers from Miele Professional are the perfect choice: Connections for hot water and a 3-phase supply, intelligent dishwashing technology and a powerful heater pump ensure optimum programme durations and cleaning results. Take advantage of innovative features that make your crockery sparkle day after day in the shortest space of time.

Top-class hygiene

Fresh water dishwashers replace the water after each cycle. A thorough final rinse is carried out at a temperature adjusted to the washed items. This process ensures perfect dishwashing results and a very high standard of hygiene that significantly exceeds the requirements for commercial dishwashers.

Economical and efficient

Cost-cutting the environmental way: Miele Professional dishwashers excel in terms of extremely low consumption and are acclaimed for maximum efficiency. The aim at the product design stage is to achieve perfect dishwashing results by using recyclable materials and no more water, energy and detergent than is absolutely necessary.

Perfect results on all levels

500 × 500 mm plastic baskets can be used on 2 levels in Miele Professional dishwashers. An optional stainless steel carrier must be used in the upper basket. The basket supplied as standard is used as the carrier on the lower level. The three spray arms allow perfect cleaning results to be achieved on both rack levels.

Product overview

PG 8096

With its short cycles and optimum drying results, the PG 8096 is the reliable expert when there are lots of dishes to wash. A wide variety of load items are accommodated on two rack levels and are ready for use again immediately after washing.

PG 8099

High expectations in terms of hygiene, convenience and perfect drying results are met by the PG 8099 dishwasher. At the end of a cycle, the door opens automatically, indicating that loads can be removed immediately and are ready for use again.

DOS versions

Thanks to an integrated dispenser pump, these model versions automatically dispense liquid detergent - always the right quantity for perfect cleaning results. A space-saving solution which cuts costs and simplifies operation.

Accessoires & Process chemistry

ProCare Shine detergents

The detergents and rinse aid from the ProCare Shine series were developed from the outset for use in Miele Professional dishwashers. With their carefully chosen formulation, these products guarantee particularly effective dishwashing processes as well as being compatible with the materials used in machines and are also highly cost-effective.

Wide range of accessories

The exceptionally broad range of baskets and inserts enables loads of all types to be reliably cleaned and positioned within the range of the water jets. Accessories providing uncomplicated water treatment also contribute to perfect cleaning results whilst various plinths facilitate the seamless integration into existing work processes.


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