New flatwork ironers PRI

PRI 318, PRI 418, PRI 421:

The new flatwork ironers from Miele's range of all-rounders

With working widths of 1750-2400 mm, these flatwork ironers are the willing and adaptable workhorses in hotels and restaurants, in hospitals and in commercial laundries.

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Product overview

Die Neuen Muldenmangeln von Miele Professional

The new flatwork ironers from Miele Professional

Convince yourself of the first-class quality, excellent throughput, innovative features and superb user-friendliness of these products for a perfect finish on laundry.

PRI 318

  • Roller diameters 300 mm – Roller length 1750 mm
  • Throughput up to 87 kg of laundry per hour*
  • Uniform contact pressure across entire roller length
  • Large and concise touch display
  • Illustrated: PRI 318, electrically heated with infeed table
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PRI 418

  • Roller diameters 365 mm – Roller length 1750 mm
  • Throughput up to 104 kg of laundry per hour*
  • Uniform contact pressure across entire roller length
  • Large and concise touch display
  • Illustrated: PRI 418, electrically heated, with belt feed
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PRI 421

  • Roller diameters 365 mm – Roller length 2040 mm
  • Throughput up to 113 kg of laundry per hour*
  • Uniform contact pressure across entire roller length
  • Large and concise touch display
  • Illustrated: PRI 421, electrically heated, with infeed table

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*Based on initial moisture of 25%, electrically heated


Individuelle Ausstattungsmöglichkeiten und optionales Zubehör.

Customised features and optional accessories.

The new PRI 3 and PRI 4 flatwork ironers can be tailored individually to cater for the requirements of work through various features and optional accessories.

Outfeed table extension

  • Extended outfeed table with 20% increase in surface area
  • Improved removal of laundry from ironer
  • More space to fold and stack textiles on outfeed side
  • Simple handling of long items


  • Reduced heat dissipation to installation site
  • Protects roller padding from dust
  • Increases durability of roller padding

Laundry return feed

  • For convenient switching between return feed and through-feed
  • For sole operation of the ironer
  • For installation of ironer against a wall

Feed belts

  • Fast introduction of textiles for increased productivity
  • Precise introduction of textiles
  • Avoids infeed mistakes
  • Perfect laundry finish

Useful accessories

Appropriate accessories simplify daily work – from laundry tubs to airing racks, Miele offers a large selection of individually combinable accessories for optimum work processes.

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Target groups

weiße Stoffservierten

A solution to match all requirements.

Perfectly ironed bed and table linen is a major factor contributing to a high-class and inviting atmosphere. It also defines the reputation of an on-premise laundry or commercial contract laundry.

Various feature versions enable clients to select a product which best meets the needs of their application …

Hotels and restaurants

… for example, a space-saving version with a return-feed module for an on-premise laundry where space is at a premium. This configuration allows laundry to be both introduced and removed from the front by a single person.

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Care and nursing homes

... for example, with an extended outfeed table to help a home's residents fold large laundry items.

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Programmes for commercial laundries

... for example, an energy-efficient gas-heated aluminium trough or an optional roller cover.

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… for example, the simple user interface offered by the concise touch display for use by different members of staff.

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… for example, the high throughput which allows laundry with 50% residual moisture straight from a washing machine to be ironed without the need for drying.

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User benefits

Perfect laundry finish – Air suspension

The flexibly mounted trough guarantees high and extremely uniform contact pressure over the whole work surface thanks to the air cushioning springs. These ensure high performance and an excellent laundry finish.

Simple and convenient controls – Touch display

A large touch display is used to simply and precisely select settings such as temperature and rotational speed.

A brief stop – Pause function

During short breaks in work, the ironer can be switched to an energy-saving mode which goes easy on materials. After selecting the 'Pause' function in the display, the trough is retracted and the roller stops rotating. The heating remains active but the temperature is reduced after 5 minutes.

Fast and convenient – Favourites programme

A frequently used combination of temperature and ironing speed can be stored as a favourite programme. It is then flagged in the touch display and can be selected at the touch of a fingertip.

Easy cleaning and care of the heater plate.

To maintain a consistent finish quality, the heater plate must be cleaned and waxed regularly. A message in the display lets the operator know when cleaning and waxing is due. Cleaning and waxing programmes are available for easy cleaning and care of the heater plate.

Finely balanced contact pressure – Leaf-spring padding

The stainless-steel leaf-spring padding achieves exceptionally uniform contact pressure. Therefore this extremely durable and maintenance-free roller padding is particularly suitable for ironing high-quality table linen.

Excellent finish – High performance and capacity trough

The aluminium heater plate achieves operational temperatures in a very short time and achieves uniform heat distribution. Its unique construction is characterised by a very large contact angle, making it possible to achieve an outstanding finish.

High-class care of laundry – Temperatures to suit textiles

The temperature can be set according to the type of fabric, residual moisture level and ironing finish required.

Precise laundry belt feed – Top-class finish

For a crease-free finish: The infeed belts ensure the simple, precise, and even introduction of laundry.

High throughput for greater efficiency

New flatwork ironers High throughput for greater efficiency

Flatwork ironers


25% residual moisture
Electric heating


25% residual moisture
Gas heating


50% residual moisture
Electric heating


50% residual moisture
Gas heating

PRI 318   87 kg   59 kg   51 kg   33 kg
PRI 418   104 kg   76 kg   63 kg   46 kg
PRI 421   112 kg   78 kg   67 kg   42 kg



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