Harnessing the power of cleanliness and hygiene to banish unpleasant odours


If bad smells are coming from your dishwasher, something has gone awry. Professional dishwasher technology from Miele puts a stop to this right from the outset.

Industrial dishwashers have a difficult job to do: cups containing dried-on coffee remains, dirty plates and pots, and delicate glasses all end up in their baskets. And then they are supposed to make everything clean while meeting the highest standards of hygiene. Simple dishwashers reach their limits very quickly. And sometimes unpleasant odours can start leaking out of the appliance. To avoid this problem, you should clean your dishwasher regularly (see box on left).

Miele Professional dishwashers are specifically geared towards industrial use. For instance, fresh water dishwashers replace the water after each wash phase for perfect results and a very high standard of hygiene. Appliances featuring the Vario TD hygiene programme allow you to disinfect the load items thermally by relying on the final rinse temperature. This makes them absolutely ideal for use in hospital ward and care home kitchens. And if you want to play it really safe and exploit their full potential, you can always use ProCare Shine detergent and rinse aid. We also recommend using IntenseClean one to three times a year – an effective cleaning product for removing grease and bacteria. That way, there is no chance of odours building up inside your dishwasher in the first place.

Good housekeeping tips

  • Remove and clean the drain filter once a week.
  • Clean the cutlery basket once a month and allow the dishwasher to run without a load.
  • If you switch back and forth between short andECO programmes when using your dishwasher you should occasionally run a dishwashing cycle at 60 °C or higher. This cleans the appliance and breaks down grease, which has a tendency to build up if low-temperature programmes are used all the time. In addition, it prevents germs from forming inside the appliance.
  • To ensure the hygienic cleanliness of your dishwasher, clean it once a year with IntenseClean from Miele.


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