Efficient processes in a modern laundry


Laundry processing stages

  1. Each day, care workers and other staff collect soiled laundry from the 34 rooms and 4 residential groups, and sort items into blue (residents), white (bed linen) and red (employees) sacks. The sacks are then taken down to the laundry on the ground floor.
  2. On the infeed side, soiled laundry is then sorted once again according to wash temperature, type of fabric and degree of soiling.
  3. Soiled laundry is washed in two machines: one is a barrier machine (24 kg PW 6243), the other is a front-loading unit (PW 6101 EL FT for a 10 kg load). Both are machines which pre-date the new on-premise laundry. These will soon be joined by a second barrier machine. 24 kg of soiled laundry are reprocessed every hour. This amounts to 192 kg a day.
  4. The employees switch from the infeed to the outfeed side, passing through a hygiene cubicle as they do.
  5. Washed textiles are always removed from barrier machines on the clean side (barrier machine) or via a hygiene passthrough (front-loading unit) and transferred to the tumble dryer (PT 8507) for drying.
  6. Bedding and outer wear are finished after drying on a flatwork ironer (PM 1217).
  7. Blouses, shirts and trousers are finished on a Veit ironing table.
  8. Items which do not require ironing such as vests, socks, and hand/bath towels are folded, put into piles, and then sorted onto shelves, each labelled with the resident's name.
  9. The racks with fresh laundry are ready to be picked up.
  10. Care workers pick up the trolleys and wheel the laundry to the residential groups. There laundry is distributed to residents.

Further information about the laundry

Amount of laundry

  • 3.8 tonnes per month soiled washing from residents and employees are processed in the laundry.

Washing machines, tumble dryers and flatwork ironers

  • 1 Miele PW 6243 barrier washing machine with a load capacity of 24 kg

  • 1 Miele PW 6101 mop washer with a load capacity of 10 kg

  • 1 Miele PT 8507 tumble dryer with a load capacity of 20–25 kg

  • Miele PM 1217 flatwork ironer

Of laundry operation

  • Of the five female employees, two work full-time. The other three part-time

Working hours

  • Monday to Friday,6 a.m. to 2 p.m..


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