A fragrance concept for nursing homes

The smell of fresh laundry at midday

Frische Waesche

A sense of well-being, a zest for life, beautiful memories – our sense of smell is hot-wired to our brains. And this is the ideal starting point for a fragrance concept in nursing homes.

The thought of nursing homes inevitably conjuresup a certain image – and brings to mind a rather disconcerting smell! This should come as no surprise because whenever people live together, eating and sleeping in close proximity to one another and receiving care and medical treatment, smells are bound to occur. That is why a German retirement home in Rhineland-Palatinate called DSK Seniorenzentrum Eisenberg is now using a special fragrance concept. What makes it different from other concepts is that the smells are not simply masked. Instead, they are captured and broken down by an organically produced active ingredient.

Fragrances that change throughout the day
The first step consists of neutralising unwanted smells using a process that is harmless to people and the environment. The second step involves releasing aromas via air fresheners that change according to the time of day: the smell of baked rolls in the morning, the scent of freshly washed laundry at midday and the aroma of a relaxing bath just before bedtime. The fragrances reinforce the daily routine and schedule, providing a pleasant atmosphere that can be enjoyed by the employees and residents of the establishment alike. The concept was developed by a company called Senkonzept near Stuttgart. The secret behind the technology is the active ingredient Sinodeen.

Positive effects for elderly residents
Sinodeen is 100 % organic and capable of capturing the majority of undesirable smells. It also accelerates the natural oxidation process. This means that Sinodeen results in odours being broken down 300 to 400 times faster without allowing harmful substances to enter the air. In addition to creating a nice smelling environment at the establishment, the most important effect can be seen on the elderly residents themselves. It has a visibly relaxing effect on the minds and bodies of the residents at DSK Seniorenzentrum Eisenberg, with some becoming more animated and noticeably more active, and others having their appetites stimulated by the smells. It even encourages creativity and concentration. The manufacturer is currently working on memory fragrances for people living with dementia. This is definitely an innovation worth pursuing: a few little bursts of fragrance have the potential to boost quality of life massively for those in their twilight years. //



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