If, in addition to the operational supplier portal, you require further business data integration, EDI integration for data exchange may be of interest to you.

You can find all the necessary communication information in the following checklist, followed by descriptions of our data formats and test data.

A contract to legally cover the data exchange must be concluded for EDI integration. We will be happy to send you a draft contract upon request.


Description Format Download
Checkliste DOCX Download
Checkliste PDF Download

Miele currently supports the following types of messages:

Information type Record description (PDF) Test data (TXT)
Delivery schedules VDA 4905 Download Download
Credit advice VDA 4938 (German) Download Download
VDA 4938 (English) Download
Individual orders EDIFACT ORDERS D96a (German) Download Download
EDIFACT ORDERS D96a (English) Download
Delivery schedule/plan EDIFACT DELFOR D98b (German) Download Download
EDIFACT DELFOR D98b (English) Download
Dispatch notification EDIFACT DESADV D96A (German) Download Download
EDIFACT DESADV D96A (English) Download