• What is the Miele 3rd Party API?

    The Miele 3rd Party API (Application Programming Interface) is a programming interface through which networked Miele devices can be integrated into third-party applications.
    The access is cloud-based via a RESTful API.

  • Is all the information and functionality displayed in the Miele app also available in the Miele 3rd Party API?

    No. The scope of functions is described in the API documentation.

  • Which devices are available on the Miele 3rd Party API?

    All devices which are displayed in the Miele app are accessible via the Miele 3rd Party API.

  • What authentication methods does the Miele 3rd Party API support?

    The API supports OAUTH 2.0

  • What are the requirements for using the Miele 3rd party API?

    The Miele 3rd Party API requires that Miele devices are connected to the Miele app and therefore have a Miele user account. A prerequisite for use is compliance with the 'Miele 3rd Party API License and Terms of Use'.

  • Where can I find API documentation?

    The documentation can be found at developer.miele.com

  • How do I get access to the API?

    Please help yourself. Generate your client credentials within the 'Get involved section' of this website.

  • I want to use the API commercially. What requirements do I have to meet?

    Please contact us at partner.developer@miele.com