Miele 3rd Party API Version 1.0.7

The intent of the Miele 3rd Party API is to enable the owner of a connected Miele household appliance to interact with his appliance via a cloud-based RESTful API.

Architecture (simplified)

Miele@home connected appliance

Any Miele appliance which is connected to a Miele user account. Miele WiFi Conn@ct appliances can be connected direct via a WiFi router, Miele ZigBee appliances must use the Miele@home Gateway XGW3000.

The appliance is been connected to the MieleCloudService by using the Miele app.

Mobile device

Any mobile app which connects to the Miele Cloud Service.

Smart Home Application

Any application which connects to the Miele Cloud Service to provide information about the appliances connected to the users Miele account.

Miele Cloud Service

The Miele Cloud Service grants access to the Miele appliances within a single user account after a valid authorization.