Miele WetCare

Professional Fabric Care for the Future

Miele WetCare

In 1991, Miele, together with Kreussler, the chemical company, invented the process of professional wet cleaning - A water based solvent system that replaced typical dry cleaning methods. This is an ideal cleaning system on a cruise ship.

On land, the system is used with great success at thousands of cleaners throughout the world. On the high seas, there are even more reasons to switch to the Miele WetCare technology.

Today the third generation of Miele WetCare machines are working with the latest, optimized WetCare system. Thanks to the patented Honeycomb drum, fabrics last even longer with improved cleaning results and lower water and energy consumption.

How we clean
Miele WetCare provides you with an alternative to conventional dry cleaning that uses solvent.

Instead of dry cleaning fabrics, which is done with hazardous chemicals like perchloroethylene the Miele WetCare system uses water and water based solvents. These nonhazardous detergents and can be treated like any other laundry detergents in the gray water reprocessing. With the WetCare system fabrics like angora, cashmere, silk, wool, acrylic, polyester and even leather are safely processed on dozens of vessels daily.

None of the WetCare detergents are flammable or toxic, so storage or shipping of these items does not require special attention. (Please contact Miele for the safety data sheets)