Product Overview

Quality at All Levels

We support a wide range of industries with our commercial solutions. Be it with dishwashing technology, laundry technology or products for the medical, dental or laboratory industries. The 360PRO concept from Miele Professional combines first-class quality, flexibility and cost optimisation for your company.


Picture of a moving sprayarm in a dishwasher with cutlary placed in a cutlary basket.

Lots of crockery, little time? With our dishwashers with tank and fresh water systems, you can achieve best cleaning results in almost no time. Used crockery and cutlery must be immaculately clean and ready for use again quickly. Whether in hotels, restaurants or in communal catering. We provide you with everything you need from a single source. We call this system solution 360PRO: the right dishwasher, a flexible basket design and the right detergent ensure hygienic cleanliness - even at peak times.

Laundry Technology

Close-up of the Miele Benchmark One-Finger-Touch door

Thanks to innovative and robust industrial systems as well as application-specific care programmes for requirements that extend far beyond the household area, professional laundry machines are perfectly geared to commercial use. High quality materials, reinforced shock absorbers and a sturdy drum bearing ensure excellent durability and longevity as well as smooth running. Very short programme cycles guarantee fast laundry turnaround.

Laboratory Technology

Close-up of a hand pushing an Easy-Load insert loaded with laboratory glassware into an undercounter laboratory washer.

Laboratories need analytically clean laboratory glassware for their work. Our laboratory glasswashers ensure constant analytical purity while optimising the protection of laboratory glassware. Automated washing programmes reduce the amount of work and time required. In addition, high capacities together with special wash programmes ensure efficient use of resources and thus excellent cost-effectiveness.

We offer the right machines and accessories for your laboratory size and capacity requirements, from compact undercounter washers to large-chamber laboratory glasswashers. Together with our innovative EasyLoad accessory system, this offers a fast, flexible and safe solution for cleaning laboratory glassware.

Digital Solutions

A woman holds a tablet on which the Miele MOVE platform is displayed.

Make your daily work routines, organisation easier, more structured and more efficient with Miele Professional. We provide you with modern business management tools and help you to make your handling processes more secure. Our solutions help you to comply with regulations such as hygiene requirements.

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