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Individual Solutions for Your Industry

With our commercial solutions, we support a wide range of industries: from care homes to campsites, from hospitals to nurseries, from laboratories to laundrettes and everything in between.


Hospitality Creates an Experience. One that We Love.

Female chef with folded arms in front of a kitchen environment and an open dishwasher.

Impeccably clean crockery on a stylishly laid table or the fluffy soft bathrobe in the wellness area stand for quality and create a feel-good atmosphere. Hospitality is more than word. It creates experiences that last. Here you can find out which solutions we offer specifically for your industry and how you can master the challenges of the modern hospitality business with our innovations. We are the team that has your team's back.

Care and nursing facilities

Care is a Vocation. One that We Share.

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The highest standards of hygiene are mandatory in the care and nursing home sector - and not just where there are many residents with poor health. Clean crockery should be as much a matter of course as the impeccable care of clothing, bed linen, towels and cleaning textiles. That's why we offer you 360PRO. Our holistic commercial system offers perfectly matched solutions from a single supplier. We are there for you - so your team can concentrate on what really matters.

Self-Service Applications

Maximum Efficiency for More Economical Performance.

A person inside a laundrette carries a white laundry basket full of laundry.

From everyday outfits to hand towels and outdoor clothing: laundry care in self-service facilities is all about rapid and clean results. Our commercial washing machines and dryers help operators of launderettes and washhouses in residential homes and on campsites to optimise their central operating processes – for spotless results in permanent operation.


Precision is a Responsibility. One that Inspires Us.

A laboratory employee in front of a SlimLine laboratory washers with an Erlenmeyer flask in her hand.

We have developed 360PRO to help your laboratory team deliver reliable results time after time. Our holistic system for laboratories of all kinds provides perfectly coordinated solutions from a single source – covering everything from planning and finding the right laboratory washers for your needs to servicing, all with the aim of optimising your processes. This simplifies the everyday work of your team – so everyone can concentrate on producing flawless results.

Small Business

Every Job Needs a Professional.

A female hairdresser stands smiling and with her arms folded in a hairdressing salon.

Often, everyday work presents challenges which require the services of a professional – be it to clean textiles, wash dishes or carry out other hygiene tasks. From small privately owned cafés to independent small businesses: Wherever requirements for reprocessing exceed the capacities of a domestic machine, the commercial machines from Miele go a second mile in terms of performance, efficiency and hygiene

Other industries

Special Requirements Call for Special Solutions.

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Comfort and efficiency for the toughest demands: if the volume of laundry and load items is high, short programme running times are needed. Washing machines and dryers from Miele Professional help to ensure efficient laundry care processes that conserve resources. The commercial dishwashers ensure that even large volumes of crockery, glass and cutlery are clean and ready to use again in no time. The robust and durable machines enable reliable operation, particularly for fire brigades, special offshore requirements, in equestrian sports or in large families.

Do you need individual advice?

We would be delighted to talk to you about your requirements and how our Miele Professional products and solutions could benefit you and your business.