Trust in Miele induction hobs with TempControl.

The intelligent temperature sensor technology keeps watch even when you don't. Miele. For everything you really love.

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Children love cooking together – Emma thinks it's great fun. With their help, Dad's pancake-flipping skills and TempControl, making pancakes is easy as pie. And there's even time for playing in between.

"Dad, let's have pancakes."

Concentrated power

No burning, no constant temperature adjustments. The new Miele induction hobs make cooking much easier. Because TempControl, the intelligent temperature sensor technology, ensures a precise heat output. The pan is automatically maintained at the optimum temperature and nothing can go wrong.

Setting I: gentle, precise heat

Choose from three power settings. You can use the lowest setting to fry an egg or to warm up frozen dishes.

Setting II: medium heat

The medium setting is perfect for frying shrimp or steaks. It's also suitable for roasting seeds.

Setting III: high heat

The highest setting is ideal for pan searing or wok techniques. Choose Setting III for perfect pancakes.

Simmer setting

For tasty sauces without splashes use the simmer setting. It guarantees the perfect temperature for simmering as soon as you add liquids.

Ready, steady, go

Spoon hockey: a quickly improvised game played with soup ladles and spatulas while the pancakes turn golden brown. It's lots of fun, nothing gets burnt and the winner gets an extra portion.

Exceptionally fast

Giant pasta pots and casserole dishes are no problem thanks to the particularly versatile PowerFlex cooking area: it heats large cookware quickly.

Serving temperature

The Keep Warm Plus function maintains (keeps - auch wenn es dann zweimal vorkommt) pancakes and other dishes warm and warms up food gently. So you can enjoy your meal at serving temperature.

Communication 2.0

Hob and hood are in constant communication thanks to Con@ctivity 2.0, ensuring a pleasant climate in the kitchen at all times. There's no need to manually operate the cooker hood.

Intuitive operation

The SmartSelect controls allow you to set the heat settings quickly and intuitively. When switched off the controls are invisible – for a purist design.

There's just one thing left:
choose your  pancake toppings. Will it be honey or icing sugar? Bon appetit!