If you want more variety. Have a look at Miele steam ovens in combination with Miele ovens.

The perfect addition to Miele's oven with Moisture plus.
Two appliances. Endless possibilities.

With the innovative steam oven with integrated microwave in combination with a conventional oven you can create a whole new spectrum of culinary enjoyment – for an amazing range of dishes.

Steam oven with microwave

The Miele steam oven with integrated microwave combines the advantages of both appliances. Opening up unimagined cooking possibilities in a small space. 

Oven with Moisture plus

The conventional Miele oven complements the functions of the steam oven perfectly. From classic baking functions to moisture assisted cooking.

Miele steam ovens with microwave

100% steam oven for gentle cooking, 100% microwave for rapid heating – one appliance, endless possibilities. Find out about the first oven in its class that combines both functions in one appliance.

Gentle cooking

Vitamins and flavour: food cooked in the Miele steam oven retains all its freshness,  appetising appearance and delicious taste.

Uniform cooking results

MultiSteam, the powerful 3.3 kW steam generator, ensures short heating-up times and high steam intensity. Fast and even steam distribution is ensured throughout the cooking compartment  – even in between the cooking containers.

Plenty of space

The 40 litre cooking compartment with three shelf levels for extra-large cooking containers enables simultaneous cooking of a meal for the whole family.

Guaranteed success

There is no need to manually select the temperature or cooking duration. Thanks to intelligent automatic programmes a wide range of different food can be cooked with guaranteed results. Up to three automatic programmes can be combined with each other. The temperature, cooking duration  and sequence are determined automatically.

Unexpected possibilites

Warm a glass of milk in the shortest possible time, make jam, melt chocolate, cook vegetables, defrost fish and lots more: the many functions of the integrated microwave are really impressive.

Ready to go

The Quick microwave function provides fast access to the highest power setting. By pressing the appropriate button, the appliance starts working for 30, 60 or 120 seconds. This function is ideal for quickly reheating food or for rapidly preparing baby bottles.

Popcorn to go

Miele microwave ovens have a popcorn button on the control panel – pop in a pack of popcorn and get ready to enjoy your film.

Miele oven with Moisture Plus

Up to 15 types of heating, moisture assisted cooking, automatic programmes for over 100 dishes and much more. A Miele oven of this class leaves little to be desired.

Space for variety

With a capacity of 76 litres and five shelf levels, the large cooking compartment offers the maximum space for roasting and baking. Ideal when entertaining friends.

Ease of use

The FlexiClip telescopic runners allow baking trays, racks and gourmet oven dishes to be pulled completely out of the cooking compartment and held securely in any position. So you can comfortably baste or turn food over outside the hot oven interior.

Success at one touch / Success at your finger tips

Automatic programmes eliminate the need to select the cooking function, temperature or cooking duration for over 100 international dishes. Cakes, bread, meat and other foods are cooked and baked to perfection.

Perfect temperature

The wireless food probe is ideal for the perfect cooking of meat dishes such as roast beef. By setting the core temperature you can cook your meat to the exact level you want. The time left display lets you know when the food will be ready to serve. This practical assistant is stored in the oven door, so it is always ready to use.

A sparkling finish

In Miele ovens with PerfectClean the cooking compartment, baking trays and racks feature a patented surface finish. Thanks to its unique non-stick properties, even stubborn soiling can be removed with little effort. As an alternative Miele ovens are also available with pyrolytic technology. Here an automatic self-cleaning programme uses high temperatures to reduce all food residues to ash which can be easily removed from the oven without a trace.

Rack of lamb with a herb crust? Tagliatelle with prawns in a saffron sauce? Let the endless possibilities of the innovative 2-in-1 appliances open up a new world of cooking for you.