CVA built-in coffee machines

The right built-in coffee machine for every kitchen

EasyClick milk system

Keep your milk fresh

Preparing milk-based coffees is simpler than ever with the EasyClick milk system. The glass flask with a capacity of 0.7 l simply docks onto the machine. It can be kept in the fridge and is easy to clean in a dishwasher. Another practical advantage: you can always see  how much milk is left in the flask.


Perfect temperature, with no splashing

You choose your cup -- CupSensor recognises its height and positions the  spout accordingly. The ideal distance not only avoids splattering, but also ensures the perfect coffee temperature and the best possible crema.


Easy access

Swing open the whole front for convenient access to all components such as the drip tray or the bean, water and waste containers.

Even more taste, aroma and convenience

A whole range of innovative features rounds off the highlights of the CVA built-in coffee machine and offers you a completely new coffee experience.

OneTouch for Two

More time for two to enjoy

Press only one button and prepare two delicious coffess at the same time. There's no easier and faster way to make ristretto, cappuccino or latte macchiato for two!


For an intensive coffee aroma

An ingenious technique for a particularly intense coffee flavour: The dynamic brew chamber expands when water flows in. This way the water and coffee can be mixed optimally and fewer bitter components get into the coffee.


Perfect milk froth in seconds

The Cappuccinatore prepares hot milk or milk froth in no time. Just a few seconds is all you need for it to heat up or pour frothy milk directly into your cup or glass.

Automatic rinsing of the milk pipework

No effort involved

Maximum convenience: After making your cappuccino or café au lait the milk pipeline is rinsed automatically and hygienically with fresh water from the water container.

ComfortClean and the easily removable  brew unit

Thorough cleaning for maximum hygiene

Easier than ever: Many of the coffee machine parts can be easily removed and cleaned in the dishwasher.

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ComfortClean and the easily removable  brew unit

Thorough cleaning for maximum hygiene

This ensures the best hygiene, the longevity of the machine and consistently high coffee quality -- for pure coffee pleasure.

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