Culture and values - what is important to us and makes us strong

"Leadership here at Miele is based worldwide on the joint principles of the culture we live at Miele: respect, openness and fairness".
(Olaf Bartsch, Executive Director Finance and Administration)

For 118 years, Miele has been a family-owned, family-run company. Based on this tradition, a healthy balance between the demands and the appreciation of our employees is very important to us. Yes, we place high demands on ourselves in terms of work performance and expect our employees to have specialist knowledge, ambition and to think ahead. But we also stand firm against anything that may jeopardize the good working environment we have here at Miele, and which enables everyone to cooperate with one another - at each and every one of our 50 locations worldwide. For us, teamwork is everything - with the joint drive to further develop our innovative products and to live and pass on our Miele values.

Interview with Sabrina Schimpf,
in 4th generation at Miele

What is so special about working for a family business?

"The special thing about working in a family business is above all the feeling of security and stability it provides. This is partly due to the presence of the managing partners Dr. Markus Miele and Dr. Reinhard Zinkann. Our corporate philosophy gives each employee the feeling of belonging and being part of a larger whole. I experienced this at Miele Australia just as I did at Central Headquarters in Gütersloh."

Did the fact that your grandfather and father worked at Miele influence your decision to work at Miele too?

"We are a Miele family in the 4th generation. It is therefore not surprising that Miele has always been part of my life since I was born. This feeling of solidarity was the key to my career start at Miele."

Growth from innovation prowess

Miele grows through innovations. Our strength gives us the impetus to be better every day. For us to do this, our employees are the most important building block in our company. With their expert knowledge, their openness to change and their enjoyment of coming up with new ideas and solutions, Miele gets better and better.

A decisive factor is that whoever works on improvements needs a secure base. Miele offers its employees consistency and long-term work - and places particular emphasis on operating soundly and sustainably. As a family business with a long tradition, we do not think in quarterly numbers, but in generations. Do you like this? Then find your way to us.

Developing junior staff with the future in mind

Any company that wants to become better in the future needs fresh, creative minds with ideas and passion. With this in mind, Miele focuses on supporting young promising people, keeping an attentive eye out for high-performance employees - from talented apprentices and beginners to high potentials at management level. Because our company needs capable employees who want to grow with us in all areas and at all locations.

As an innovation leader, we must always be ahead of the market - no matter how fast the world changes. That is why it is so important to us to discover the potential in young people and to support them in a way that enables us to be better tomorrow than we are already today.

Career made to measure

Well-educated and continuously developing employees are the basis of our company. That is why targeted support has top priority at Miele. To this end, we offer a wide range of training programmes for national and international management, specialist and project-related careers - alongside individual support measures.

It goes without saying that women at Miele have the same chances as men to get into leadership positions. Because it is personality and expertise that counts, not gender. Diversity at Miele however also takes background, age and religion into account.


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Career made to measure

"Always stay true to yourself". With this principle in mind, we want to bring the strengths of such versatile employees to the fore. This in turn contributes towards them feeling valued.

We are happy to let this systematic personnel development cost us a little: In financial year 2015/16, we invested 17.6 million euros in education. An investment in satisfied employees today - and innovative developments of tomorrow.


Career and family go hand in hand

Despite our size and international orientation, we are and will remain a family business. That is precisely why it is particularly important to us to make it as easy as possible for our employees to combine work and family. For young parents, having flexible and projectable working hours is the key. Therefore, in addition to full-time and part-time jobs, Miele allows them to co-determine the number of hours per week after parental leave.

In addition, in cooperation with pme Familienservice, a Germany-based care provider, we offer assistance with childcare advice and placements as well as a backup or emergency care. And because we not only love to produce the best home appliances, we build and opened our first own daycare centre in Gütersloh in 2018.

Do you expect age-independent flexibility? You get that here. Miele offers work-life balance, not only for young families but also to all our employees in all phases of their lives. This allows us to create the best working conditions for you to bring out the best in you.


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