PT 7186 Vario XL [EL SOM 3 AC 440V Hz] - Vented dryer, electrically heated

PT 7186 Vario XL [EL SOM 3 AC 440V Hz]
Vented dryer, electrically heated Specially designed for marine requirements.

  • Drum volume 180 l 180 l, load capacity 9 kg
  • Large programme variety - application-specific drying programmes
  • Precision drying of all fabrics – PerfectDry

    PerfectDry system

    On the basis of a constant residual moisture measurement, the PerfectDry system perfectly dried garments.
  • Unique, gentle fabric care – honeycomb drum

    Honeycomb drum

    Less creasing, easy finishing: Laundry is dried very gently and evenly in the honeycomb drum.
  • Easy operation - viewing window and large-surface filter

    Practical large-surface filter

    Ergonomic convenience: The filter is easy to remove and captures the fluff from several drying cycles easily.
PT7186 Vario XL [EL SOM 3 AC 440V Hz]

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Operating Instructions & Assembly

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CAD data

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