PWM 507 [EL DP MAR 1N AC 230 V 60Hz] - Professional washing machine, Little Giants, electric heating, drain pump

PWM 507 [EL DP MAR 1N AC 230 V 60Hz]
Professional washing machine, Little Giants, electric heating, drain pump Lloyd’s Register approved, load size 7 kg.

  • Drum volume 64 l, load capacity 7 kg
  • Tested for intensive use – unparalleled Miele quality

    Unparalleled Miele quality

    Miele Professional stands for high-performance laundry machines that professional users can always rely upon. High-quality materials that undergo outstanding craftsmanship, but are also subject to intensive testing, are what guarantee Miele’s renowned standards of quality. Stringent tests are performed on every single machine, even during the production stage.
  • Language-neutral fascia panel with rotary control – M Select 

    M Select control system

    Fast, direct selection of the wash programme and effortless access to additional functions and settings.
  • Thorough cleaning with professional wash programmes

    Thorough cleaning w. professional wash programmes

    High-performance wash programmes make it possible to remove even stubborn stains reliably.
Enamelled casing 
  • Enamelled lotus white
PWM507 [EL DP MAR 1N AC 230 V 60Hz]

Product details - PWM 507 [EL DP MAR 1N AC 230 V 60Hz]

Model and design 
Construction type
Front-loader, stackable
Lotos white, enamelled

Enamelled front

The enamel front is resistant to scratches, acid, and corrosion, and is easy to clean.
Load in kg
Drum volume in l
Door opening [Ø] in mm
Door opening angle in degrees
Door hinge
Maintenance-free synchronous motor

Sophisticated synchronous motor

For maximum service life: The powerful, quiet and maintenance-free synchronous motor.
Honeycomb drum with perforated drum rear panel

Honeycomb drum with perforated drum rear panel

Perfect wash results even sooner thanks to faster wetting.
Suitable for offshore use

Washing machines for offshore use

These washer-extractors are suitable for marine use. These machines are extremely robust and are equipped with programmes for very heavily soiled laundry.
Suitable for marine use

Washing machines for shipboard use

These washer-extractors meet the requirements of the marine industry. These machines are extremely robust and reliable. They are also equipped with numerous programmes for a wide range of requirements.
Performance data 
Specific water consumption for cold water connection in l/kg
Specific energy consumption for cold water connection in kWh/kg
Specific water consumption for hot water connection in l/kg
Specific energy consumption for hot water connection in kWh/kg
Water consumption with cold water connection in l
Energy consumption with cold water connection in kW
Programme duration in minutes with cold water connection
Water consumption with hot water connection in l
Energy consumption with hot water connection in kW
Programme duration in minutes with cold water and hot water connection
Residual moisture with cold rinse in %
Residual moisture with hot rinse in %
Spin speed in rpm
g factor
Tested operating hours
Control system
M Select
Customer-specific pre-configuration possible
Max. delay start in h

Delay start up to 24 hours

The programme start time can be pre-set up to 24 hours in advance for efficient planning.
Time left display

Countdown indicator

After the programme has started, the display shows the cycle time remaining.
Programme sequence indicator
Control panel with easy-to-understand symbols

Easy to understand symbols

The control panel is characterised by logically arranged and easy to understand symbols.
Language can be selected easily at any time

The language can be selected easily at any time

Quick and easy: It's easy to select a different language at any time during operation.
Detergent drawer
3 compartments

Patented CapDosing*

Infrequently used detergents are easily dispensed in capsule form.
European patent: EP 2 365 120 
Flexible dispensing adapter

Flexible dispensing adapter

Easy and adaptable: use the right dispensing adapter for your needs.
Maximum number of connections for liquid dispenser pumps [number]


Dispensing of liquid detergent can be set individually to suit requirements.
Empty sensor

Empty sensing

A message in the machine display will indicate promptly if one of the containers is empty.
Standard electrical connection 
Heating type
Electrical connection
230V~ 60HZ
Heater rating in kW
Total connected load in kW
Fuse rating in A
Possible voltage variant 1 
Electrical connection
Heater rating in kW
Total connected load in kW
Fuse rating in A
Water connection/drainage 
Cold water [number]
1x 1/2" hose w/ 3/4" th. union
Hot water [number]
1x 1/2" hose w/ 3/4" th. union
Drain pump
DN 22
Dimensions and weight 
External dimensions, height in mm
External dimensions, width in mm
External dimensions, depth in mm
External dimensions, gross height in mm
External dimensions, gross width in mm
External dimensions, gross depth in mm
Net weight in kg
Gross weight in kg
Emissions data 
Emission sound pressure level in the workplace
<70 dB(A) re 20 µPa
Heat dissipation into the room in MJ/h
3-dimensional imbalance monitoring

3-dimensional imbalance monitoring

Reliable moisture removal from wash items thanks to professional 3D sensor technology.
Commercial shock absorbers

Commercial shock absorbers

Incredibly smooth running even at high spin speeds with professional shock absorbers lasting for 30,000 hours.
Hard-wearing stainless-steel flange

Stainless-steel flange

Long service life due to high resistance to aggressive cleaning agents.
Disinfection rinse

Disinfection rinse

A final rinse with a special high temperature/holding time provides additional reassurance with regard to hygiene.

EcoSpeed – patented wash rhythm*

Intensive cleaning with reduced water consumption due to optimised changes in speed.
European patent: EP 1354997 B1


The “Pre-ironing” function reduces the need for ironing.
Efficient drum rib technology

Efficient drum rib technology

Fast, optimum wetting is achieved with specially designed scoop ribs.
Temperature monitoring

High temperature consistency

For reliable cleaning results and maximum hygiene, the temperature of the washing water is monitored constantly.
Special heater element

Powerful heater elements

The washer-extractors are equipped with powerful heater elements for heating water quickly.
Automatic load control

Precise automatic load recognition

Water and energy consumption are automatically adjusted for the load size.
Flow meter

Precisely controlled water consumption

The flow meter monitors the volume of water intake precisely for maximum efficiency.
LED drum lighting, class 1

Drum lighting

No laundry item is overlooked when unloading thanks to the perfectly lit honeycomb drum.
Communication slot

Communication slot

The communication shaft enables data exchange with the machine environment via the communication module.
Machine-independent accessories

A wide range of accessories*

Consistently perfect work processes and efficiency - with a large selection of practical accessories.
All accessories can be purchased as an option.
Efficiency and sustainability 
Recycling rate in %
Connection options 
Payment system (optional)

Connection of payment system

Optimum use in self-service areas is possible thanks to the connection for payment systems.
Optical interface for service access


Authorised service personnel can use the optical interface to easily and quickly read out data from the machine for service purposes.
Peak load cut-out/energy management (optional)

Peak load cut-out

Comprehensive energy management by integrating the machines into an energy management system.


Simple networking via WiFiConn@ct: connect via smartphone/tablet and app* and retrieve status updates.
The Mobile app is available separately – its availability depends on the country or region. 
Test certificate 
Lloyd’s Register
Complies with Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
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