PRI 210 [EL SOM STW AB] - Rotary ironer, electrically heated

Rotary ironer, electrically heated with the latest controls and flexible working height for marine applications.

  • Capacity 30 % kg/h*, roller diameter 210 mm, roller width 1000 mmWith 15% residual moisture - performance data according to DIN 11 902:
    The achievable ironing capacity depends on overall conditions such as, for example, the type of laundry and the experience of the operator.
  • Ideal ergonomics - height-adjustable and optional plinth

    Best possible ergonomics

    The height of the ironer can be adjusted for ergonomic and comfortable posture.
  • State-of-the-art controls – Touch display

    Easy and convenient operation

    A large touch display is used to easily and precisely select settings such as temperature and rotational speed.
  • Selection of the most important settings - favourite programmes

    Favourites programme

    Quick and convenient: Store your favourite programme as a quick access function in the touch display.
  • Perfect rotary ironing performance - flexibly positioned heater plate

    Air suspension

    Top performance, perfect laundry finish with innovative springs, cushioning laundry against the heater plate.
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