Experience statements and interviews

Over 17,200 employees worldwide have different tasks, responsibilities and requirements, and experience work in many ways. We would like to offer you an insight into the personal experiences of our employees.

University students (m/f)

Hendrikje Tegtmeyer - Internship and Master's thesis Design and Development

“During this time I was always able to rely on the help and advice of my colleagues in the department.”

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Annika Weper - Internship Human Resource Development / Talent Management

“One of the highlights was being able to participate in the KIT career fair in Karlsruhe, where we presented Miele as an attractive employer for university students and graduates of diverse fields of study (...).”

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Alejandro Ventura Pérez - Internship Marketing Communications International

“What speaks for Miele is the absolute demand for quality and the high level of respect, even internationally. (...) I really wanted to have an 'international experience'.”

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Gregor Sures - Internship and Bachelor's thesis Production Technology / Robotics

“I actively participated in many tasks and thereby was able to gain various and very valuable insights into the daily work life of an engineer.”

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Julia Schmitt - Internship Corporate Communications

“In addition, special events for university students and, among other things, a tour of the plant, help them the get to know the company even better.”

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Nils Westerbarkei, Internship Customer Service-Marketing

“I was welcomed in every department and was able to learn many new things in a very short time.”

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Carla Günzel - Internship and Master's thesis laboratory washer-disinfectors

“I was given the task of independently developing a test procedure for checking the cleaning performance of washer-disinfectors (RDG) for the processing of medical instruments.”

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Juan Sebastian Nino Rivera - Internship Production Services

“It was especially terrific for me to have the opportunity to take on responsibility for my own project from day one.”

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Gurubasav Yellur - Internship and Master's thesis Design and Development

“The industrial focus and the mechatronic production system at Miele are in perfect harmony with my professional goals and my technical knowledge.”

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Thomas Hommernick

Thomas Hommernick, Graduate and prospective trainee, Master's student in Development & Production at the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences

"...the pleasant working atmosphere and the perfect organisation have impressed me from day one..."

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Simon van Buren

Simon van Buren, Intern, undergraduate student in mechanical engineering at RWTH Aachen

...it surprised me how well the theory from the lectures at RWTH can be applied in practice...

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Kirsten Kleis

Kirsten Kleis, Intern, undergraduate student in energy and environmental engineering at the Technical University of Hamburg

...for" as many things that I learned in dealing with measuring instruments, I can now apply in my weekly lab course at the university..."

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Professionals (m/f)

Ralf Kretschmer, Werk Gütersloh, Leiter Gießerei

Ralf Kretschmer, Gütersloh Factory, Foundry Manager

"...the trust motivates me."

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Verena Pohlmann, Werk Gütersloh, Leiterin Produktmanagement Cooling & Coffee

Verena Pohlmann, Gütersloh factory, Head of Product Management Cooling & Coffee

"...this has been a dream come true for me."

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Nadja Erig, Central Controlling (Gütersloh), Plant Controlling / Results Calculation

During the interview Nadja tells about her career with Miele, which led her from the Bachelor thesis to an exciting time with the Ireland Sales Company and back to Gütersloh.

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Stefan Hemmer, Electronics Plant (Gütersloh), Product Development / Test Engineering

“My international experiences were utilised on a one-to-one basis.”

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Christoph Holtkötter, Plant Gütersloh, Production / Director MWS Coordination & Training

“More importantly, Miele stands out due to its very positive and collegial cooperation within the large Miele “family”...”

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Steffen Born, Plant Lehrte, Production Technology

“It is important to me that my employer is a reliable partner.”

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