With Miele Professional to new heights

In businesses faced with mountains of laundry, every detail counts: Short cycles, reliable results, simple operation and low costs are essential to efficient and economic operation. Miele Professional's 'Benchmark' machines unite all these features in a single model series – and offer even more!



Taking innovation and precision to new heights

Washing and drying benchmark: Miele Professional: Laundry care to meet the most exacting of demands.

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Product benefits

Automatic door lock

A light touch of the door is all that's needed. The door locks on its own at the beginning of the programme. The door is released again automatically at the end of a cycle.

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Innovative suds container

The newly designed suds container closely hugs the inner drum, and the entrance to the sump with its heater elements is gently curved. This enables very low water levels, achieving significant water and electricity savings.

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Patented honeycomb drum 2.0

The shower ribs on this honeycomb drum scoop up water and transport it to the top of the drum during washing. A new arrangement of perforations in the ribs ensures even more thorough wetting and drenching than before. The sculptured structure of the Miele honeycomb drum lets garments glide gently on a thin film of water.

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Patented spring-in-spring system

The highly efficient suspension system with two independent springs and additional shock absorbers significantly increases the lateral stability of the washing machine. This approach minimises the impact of vibrations during the spin cycle.

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Compact external dimensions

These washing machines fit through standard doors with a width of up to 800 or 900 mm without the removal of any parts. The integrated washing machine plinth allows for palletiser access, enabling machines to be transported easily and safely. 

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Excellent spin performance

The exceptional product quality of Miele washing machines enables spinning with a very high g-factor. This reduces the residual moisture of the garments to a minimum, thereby saving valuable energy in the subsequent drying process.

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Short programme cycles

A cycle time of only 45 minutes in the 'Coloureds 60°C' programme on a machine connected to a hot water supply allows machines to cope with huge mountains of laundry each and every day.

Less water, less energy

On Performance Plus washing machines compared with the previous PW 6xx7 generation, water consumption has been cut by 20% and energy by 30%. PW 811, PW 814 and PW 818 washing machines effectively only require 6.9 l of water and only 0.06 kWh per kg of laundry in the 'Coloureds 60°C' cycle.

Retrofittable weighing plinth

The washing machine can be installed on a plinth with integrated weighing cells, even post-purchase. The weighing cells determine the precise weight of the load and, in connection with Profitronic M controls, add the precise volume of water to the wash process.

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Washing machines from the Performance series

  • Load capacities of 13-14 kg and 18-20 kg
  • Profitronic D controls with fixed programmes
  • Target group models for contract cleaners (MOPSTAR), self-service laundries and sluice applications
  • g-factor 360
  • Heating: Electric

Washing machines from the Performance Plus series

  • Load capacities: 11-12 kg, 14-16 kg and 18-20 kg
  • Freely programmable Profitronic M controls with full range of target group programmes
  • g-factor 460
  • Heating options: Electric, steam or hot water

Tumble dryers

  • load capacity: 250 – 400 l
  • Heating options: Electric, Gas, heat pump, hot water or steam
  • Highly economical and efficient due to low energy consumption
  • Available in two control varaints


Benchmark Machines in use

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