Revolutionary excellence

Miele presents an absolute world’s first: The Dialog oven with innovative M Chef technology revolutionizes the art of cooking.

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Innovative technology for perfect enjoyment

The Dialog oven is not only a world premiere, but a cooking appliance that sets new standards. With the revolutionary M Chef technology, you can create cooking innovations with guaranteed excellent results – while preparation is easy and you even save time. More pleasure while cooking, more convenience in everyday life and more extraordinary experiences. Discover the new possibilities!

Cooking Innovation

A new dimension in home cookery.

The Dialog oven opens up exciting possibilities in the realm of cooking. Its revolutionary technology enables the creation of completely new and innovative dishes. Cooking a fish in ice or veal tenderloin in beeswax without melting ice or wax, separating browning from baking, preparing different dishes and ingredients simultaneously, perfectly serving sophisticated dishes – always at the highest level. 

Fish in Ice

The Dialog oven's revolutionary cooking method becomes obvious with a fish in a block of ice. The fish is cooked while the ice stays frozen.

Veal Tenderloin in Beeswax

The meat is cooked evenly throughout, not heated from the outside in. Thus, the wax coating remains miraculously unmelted – and the tenderloin comes out especially juicy and tender.

Raw & Cooked Salmon

With the new Dialog oven and M Chef technology it is possible to prepare Salmon fillet half cooked and half raw. Two completely different dishes in one.

Coloured Burger Buns

The Dialog oven can separate browning from baking. You can decide, how much crust you want to have and make brightly coloured buns without browning the surface.


Enjoy gourmet meals at home. Every single day.

True cooking enthusiasts demand the highest quality. The preparation of ingredients in a way that brings out their very best is what sets top chefs apart – and it's also what puts Miele's Dialog oven in a league of its own. While conventional heating works slowly from the outside in, the Dialog oven cooks dishes in their entirety. Meats end up succulent and uniformly cooked, the texture of seafood is rendered impeccable and bread gets the perfect crust. 

Pink Beef Fillet

Conventional heating works slowly from the outside in. The Dialog oven, however, cooks dishes in their entirety. Meats end up moist and uniformly cooked.

Baking in the Dialog oven

The Dialog oven effortlessly enhances dough texture and rising performance. And it lets you determine the quality of your crusts and level of browning.


Sophisticated cooking with ease.

A multiple-course menu with a wide range of dishes poses a challenge to cooks: each element comes with its own set of preparation requirements and must be ready à la minute. The Dialog oven facilitates your cooking process with intelligent programmes – even when preparing sophisticated dishes – and guarantees excellent results.

Salmon on a Bed of Chard with Stuffed Chicken Breast and Home-made Brioche

The new M Chef menu automatic programmes allow you to prepare sophisticated dishes – incorporating varied ingredients – simultaneously to perfection.

Raspberry Soufflé

The new M Chef menu automatic programmes allow you to prepare sophisticated dishes – incorporating varied ingredients – simultaneously to perfection.


All you need for a perfect evening – ready in next to no time.

With the Dialog oven, you can create even the most time-intensive dishes in virtually no time at all. Now you have more freedom to experiment with a wider variety of dishes and enjoy more time with your guests. Because the Miele Dialog oven reduces cooking time compared to conventional methods by up to 70 percent – without compromising quality.

Pulled Pork

Using the Dialog oven, you can enjoy the classic crowd-pleaser in just 2.5 hours, along with the peace of mind that comes with our perfect results guarantee. 

Gentle and quick defrosting

The Dialog oven lets you consistently thaw meat, for example, quickly and perfectly – without unintentionally cooking it in places.

Exclusive features for perfect enjoyment

The right program for every task

M Chef
The new M Chef cooking method utilises energy in form of Gourmet Units. The appliance maintains a constant dialog with the ingredients to cook dishes in their entirety, until achieving the desired result.

Gourmet Profi
The programme for advanced users: You determine all settings for your perfect result yourself, like the amount of Gourmet Units, the operating mode or the temperature.

Gourmet Assistant
Easy preparation: Depending on type and quantity of an ingredient, the Dialog oven suggests all settings, like necessary Gourmet Units or the right operating mode, to achieve excellent results.

Everything at a glance – whether at home or away

Using the Miele@mobile app, you can always and conveniently check the state of the Dialog oven, change important settings, and monitor the cooking process. All, while you choose your outfit for the evening. And then there is the app's recipe function with helpful how-to videos for the easy reproduction of dishes.

The right settings at your fingertips

The Miele@mobile app’s recipe function includes many exclusive Dialog oven recipes. For the first time, it is now possible to send all recipe settings to the appliance directly from the app, with a single tap.

A Dialog oven exclusive: Recipes developed with professional chefs

To make the start in the new era of cooking as convenient as possible, we developed more than a hundred recipes for the Dialog oven together with professional chefs in our test kitchen. Use this cookbook for inspiration and fall in love with cooking all over again.

The right setting for every recipe

With the Dialog oven and its new ways of preparation, cooking becomes an extraordinary experience. Besides the M Chef technology, there are also conventional operating modes in the well-known Miele quality available.

Combine the revolutionary M Chef technology with conventional operating modes to achieve excellent results and create completely new dishes.